Firstly, thank you for visiting!  This site’s aim is to educate and inform about cannabis and cannabis-related issues in New Zealand and beyond.

However, I cannot pretend to be neutral.  I am an advocate for cannabis and I do have a very clear idea about how I would like to see cannabis controlled in New Zealand.

As such, this site should be only one stop on your road to becoming cannabis-educated.

So what kind of system should we have?  Cannabis, as far and away our most popular illegal drug, and one that is relatively low in harm, should be legalised and regulated.

The system should be heavily government-regulated and removed from the profit motive.  Retail outlets should be run using a licensing trust model where all profits are returned to the community.  Tax take should be contributed to health and education purposes. We should try to avoid the excesses liberal alcohol regulation has helped create.

And why advocate for cannabis? In short, it makes life richer. Life is good, life is fun, but it is better with cannabis.

Of course, cannabis is not for all people.  And yes, it can cause harm for people.  But, for the majority of people who try it, it adds something to their life.  It’s something that all adults should be open to trying.

And now with all that out of the way, back to the main point.  With all the change going on in society at the moment related to cannabis, it is hoped that this site will help, particularly those from New Zealand but also around the world, in their hunt for knowledge to help make up their minds about cannabis and the issues around it.